Cooling Installations

Chemical-technical Cleaning of Cooling Installations

Clean air-cooled condensers on the air side
As a result of weather conditions and environmental influences, the fins of the air-cooled condensers may foul up and oxidise. To guarantee the technical lifespan and to optimise the output of the installations, it is essential that they are regularly cleaned chemically-technically. This will extend the technical lifespan and positively influence your operational costs. AQ Group disposes of well-trained experienced staff to perform these activities expertly.

Acidify cooling equipment, TSAs, boilers and boiler units
160615AQAirQuality062Cooling machines, TSAs and other heat exchangers may become clogged up on the primary and/or secondary side by scale, corrosion and sludge. This has a negative effect on the output of the installation and as a result of contamination corrosion in the piping (tubular aggregates), the technical lifespan of the installation will decrease.

By acidifying and rinsing the piping with special chemicals, we can clean the piping, descale them and remove the corrosion. Of course, the used chemicals are collected, neutralised and disposed.

By regular water-side cleaning of the installation, the output is optimised and the technical lifespan is increased. Such a cleaning operation will pay for itself in the short term as your operational costs will go down.