Thermal Wheels

Cleaning and/or Replacing Thermal Wheels

Chemical-technical cleaning of thermal wheels
Thermal wheels are sensitive to contamination This not only affects the output of the installation, but also has a negative effect on air quality. This makes regular cleaning of the thermal wheels a task not to be overlooked. AQ Group disposes of well-trained experienced staff to perform these activities expertly.

Replacing thermal wheels
Replacing thermal wheels? You have come to the right place!


Before replacing the thermal wheels 1:1, we can advise you on the proper type of thermal wheel. The new type desiccant rotors have a higher output than the existing hygroscopic thermal wheels.

By selecting the desiccant thermal wheels, a smaller type of cooling machine will suffice in many cases. This will result in savings in terms of energy costs. Often the extra investment for the desiccant rotors is recouped within the first year!

And this also works the other way round of course. Suppose you need a new cooling machine. In many cases a smaller cooling machine will suffice when replacing the thermal wheels by desiccant rotors.

Below a practical example of a building of 15,000 m² GLA:

Investment desiccant rotors€75,000
Lower investment application smaller cooling machine€17,000


Additional costs with desiccant rotors€58,000
Yearly savings on energy costs€21,100

Terugverdientijd 2,7 jaar!

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