Cleaning HVAC


Personnel on production platforms, rigs and ships entirely depend on the air as supplied by the HVAC system. As a result of the intensive use of the spaces and galley, the ducts will foul up quickly and this requires prompt action. We have well-trained and qualified staff available with experience in offshore work, they have completed field-specific training courses and are certified for this type of work.

Cleaning procedures

We can apply the following cleaning methods to clean the air ducts:

  • robot
  • rotating brushes
  • compressed air
  • manually

These different methods enable us to clean any duct and remove any form of contamination. Moreover, we guarantee optimal results. By creating a vacuum in the system, the contamination will not enter the work and living areas.

Should it become clear that cleaning is not sufficient, we can also recondition the HVAC systems onsite. Our specialists will restore the systems to their proper technical condition against a relatively low investment.