Coating Air-cooled Condensers

Coating Air-cooled Condensers


New: For coating air-cooled condensers, we make use of EnergyGuard® condenser coating. The especially for this purpose developed coating is entirely water-based and contains special components to ensure optimal heat transfer. The fins of air-cooled condensers are often aluminium. If these fins are not protected against weather conditions and environmental influences, they will oxidise and decompose. This process negatively affects the output and the technical lifespan of the installation.

Advantages of coating:

  • Optimal long-term protection
  • Ultra-thin layer thickness
  • High thermal conduction
  • Very low U-value
  • Suited for aluminium, copper and stainless steel
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Water-based so friendly to both people and the global environment
  • No odour nuisance

If required by the external circumstances, we can apply our Heavy-Duty Condenser coating®. This coating offers extra protection against very aggressive environments.
The activities can be included in our AQ Support Contract®. This contract sees to it that the air-cooled condensers are periodically cleaned with coating repairs. A guarantee that your installations will operate at the highest level.