Retrofitting/upgrading your air handling unit by replacing the traditional centrifugal fan with an EC-fan will allow for a reduction of energy consumption. And the good thing is that the investment will commonly be recouped within a year!

The main advantages of EC-fans:

  • 70% more efficient than centrifugal fans;
  • longer life and no maintenance required;
  • easy control;
  • no separate frequent regulation required;
  • higher capacity compared to centrifugal fans.

Placing these fans in your air handling unit will result in an immediate and enormous cost reduction.  The EC motors can be operated easily and also maintain an efficiency level of up to 90%.
By replacing one large fan on a wall of several, smaller fans, the chance of malfunction is practically zero and moreover, the fans will have a longer life.

Besides this, the new ErP-regulations for air handling units are also met. These regulations set such high demands for new air handling units often resulting in requiring a larger casing which often does not fit in the current area of the air handling unit. This makes upgrading a lot more interesting and when it comes to EC-fans, it also makes it more cost effective.
Due to the fact that these fans do not have carbon brushes, there is no risk of sparks forming, which allows the fans to be installed in areas which are and should remain explosion-proof. Minimal noise emission: that sounds good too! Especially if the current air handling unit is causing inconvenience!

Replacing a centrifugal fan with an EC-fan can simply be compared to replacing an old light bulb with an energy-saving bulb. Changing old bulb to a new energy-saving one is an easy process, there is no need for adjustments to the original fitting. Considering the positive results, cost-effective solutions and the short recoup period of EC-fans, the air handling unit with EC-fans is from now on the perfect solution for a green future!