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Top-quality in every field

In a competitive market you need to focus on your core business. Outsource maintenance activities on your climate and drinking water systems? Sound advice, provided this is done responsibly. The integrated AQ Group package matches quality with cost efficiency.
Air and water are overlapping fields. Climate control systems include air treatment units and cooling systems that operate on process water. These systems may become contaminated with the legionella bacterium as most dreaded enemy. This explains the commitment of the AQ Group to both specialities, which has lead to a unique market position in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

AQ Group consists of the following 3 divisions::

  • AQ AirQuality: clean, service and recondition climate installations and related equipment
  • AQ Water: legionella control cooling towers and drinking water systems, as well as supply and service water installations
  • AQ International: our branch in Zaventem, Belgium