Safety and Environment First

The safety of you as our client and that of our staff has top priority in the performance of our work. We are both ISO-9001 and VCA** certified and our staff possess VVA-1 and/or VVA-2 certificates.

Furthermore, we are proud to say that we are the second company in the sector that possesses the environmental certificate ISO-14001. This certificate is your guarantee that we make every effort to protect the environment. In addition, we are also Ohsas 18001 and BRL 6010 certified. Our self-cleaning legionella filters are BRL K14010-1 certified.
Care for the environment is an important aspect for AQ Group.

We realize this by:

  • Limit emissions and waste
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Close cycles
  • The use of environmentally friendly products and installations

In addition, AQ Group is under a duty of care to ensure good working conditions for its permanent and temporary employees and suppliers. We strive for:

  • The highest level of safety
  • Maximum health protection
  • Enhance the wellbeing of our staff and an effective sickness absence policy

We are also a member of the Netherlands Association of Air Conditioning Systems Cleaning Specialists NVRL and we proactively take the lead in the sector. For you as our customer, it is important to know that all work is carried out properly in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.