Recondition HVAC Units

Mere cleaning of the HVAC unit is sometimes not sufficient. Through weather conditions and environmental factors the technical condition of an air treatment unit may deteriorate. By taking a number of measures, the condition of the HVAC unit can be restored to the required level, in line with the current standards and requirements.

One may think of:

  • Applying our special flexible Air Quality Poured Coating®
  • Coating cooling and heating batteries with our AQ water-based Condenser Coating®
  • Replacing harmful glass wool insulation by harmless thermaflex insulation with a dense structure
  • Pulling cooling and heating batteries
  • Replacing the condensate drain tray
  • Replacing filter frames
  • Coating construction material ventilator frames
  • Rebearing and rebalancing ventilators and motors
  • Replacing thermal wheels
  • Replacing cooling and/or heating batteries

Moreover, we can fit the interior of the air treatment unit with our unique patented plastics plating, i.e. Air Quality Plating®. This plastics plating is fire-retardant and ensures a very smooth watertight finishing in the air treatment units. The seams are welded through a special plastics welding process. The plating can resist temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius.

These measures will extend the technical lifespan of your installation. In addition, any contamination/fouling of the air ducts with all ensuing consequences is prevented.