Chemical-technical Cleaning of Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are sensitive to legionella growth. Moreover, cooling towers are sensitive to scale accumulation. The resulting contamination creates a nutrient medium for the dreaded legionella bacterium.


Extra attention is needed when the inlet of the air treatment unit is placed in the proximity of a cooling tower.

Periodical cleaning of cooling towers is an important component of proper maintenance for the following reasons:

  • prevent legionella growth by removing nutrient mediums
  • optimise the output by removing scale deposits
  • create a clean working environment in order to perform technical tasks

In this case as well, the used chemicals are of course collected, neutralised and disposed.

By having the cooling tower regularly cleaned by us, the presence of nutrient mediums for the legionella bacterium is prevented and the output of the installation is optimised. Such a cleaning operation will pay for itself in the short term as your operational costs will go down.