Legionella Filter

Self-cleaning legionella filters


The ultimate solution for legionella control in drinking water systems and water humidification in air treatment units: our self-cleaning legionella filters. The filters are BRL-K14010/1 certified.

The functioning the self-cleaning legionella filter is based on the use of ultra filtration in combination with an automatic blow device that rinses the filters.

The filter elements are fitted with membranes with pores with a diameter of 0.03µm (micron). The water is pressed through these pores, collecting the legionella bacterium (and other bacteria) and a large number of viruses. Bacteria are collected up to og 8, i.e. up to 99.9999999% and viruses up to log 2, i.e. 99.99%.

The filter is self-cleaning, which means that it is rinsed at set times.


These legionella filters have numerous benefits. A short overview:

  • High reliability, the filtered water is 100% legionella-free
  • Low maintenance, the filters need to be replaced every 5 years
  • Easy mounting
  • To be used as gatekeeper, immediately behind the water meter
  • Can be used locally at critical locations such as eye and emergency showers
  • Can be deployed as control measure for humidification in air treatment units