Water Concept©

AQ Water Concept©

In OH&S policy guideline 4.87 OH&S information sheet (AI)-32 and the Drinking Water Decree 2011, the legislator clearly states which measures must be taken to control legionella growth in process installations and drinking water installation where aerosols are generated.
The above-stated measures represent an extra duty of care and as such extra work for you as entrepreneur! In addition, this work needs to be carried out carefully and precisely in accordance with BRL 6010 en AI-32. To relieve you of this task, we have developed the AQ Water Concept®. This full-service outsourcing concept concerns the following tasks:

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    • Supply water treatment additives
    • Supply and mount dosage installations and check on proper functioning
    • Periodical cleaning and disinfection of the process installations and drinking water installations
    • Periodical checks on the possible presence of the legionella bacterium
    • Draw up a legionella risk assessment and rinse actions control plan
    • Legionella audits

    With the AQ Water Concept® you are assured of a water installation in an optimal hygienic condition that meets the legal requirements!

    With the AQ Water Concept® the care for the installation is our responsibility; we will ensure that the installation is in line with legislation. Moreover, we will provide all the above-stated measures for a fixed all-in amount per year!