Water Softeners

Reliable water softener equipment for any application

You want to prevent scale deposits in your installations? With AQ Water, you have come to the right place! We are happy to supply you our water softener equipment.

Our product range includes water softeners that operate on the basis of ion exchange.


The deployment of our water softeners can prevent scale deposits in piping systems, equipment and appendages. This will increase the lifespan of your installations, and unnecessary energy loss is prevented.

Based on our extensive experience in water treatment we are able to select and install the correct water softener.

Of course, you always contact our service department; our service engineers are ready to hep you in the event of any disruption or calamity. Regardless of brand or make. See our maintenance concept on our website.

Click in the product range list on the water softener with the required flow rate and you will be redirected to the product documentation.

AQ 4 ES/SXTmax 0,2 m³/u
AQ 10S/SXTmax 0,6 m³/u
AQ 14M/SXTmax 0,84 m³/u
AQ 18L/SXTmax 1,08 m³/u
AQ 22L/SXTmax 1,32 m³/u
AQ 25L/SXTmax 1,5 m³/u
AQ 28L/SXTmax 1,68 m³/u
AQ 30L/SXTmax 1,8 m³/u
AQ 35L/SXTmax 2,1 m³/u
AQ 10 DUO/SXTmax 0,6 m³/u
AQ 14 DUO/SXTmax 0,84 m³/u
AQ 18 DUO/SXTmax 1,08 m³/u
AQ 22 DUO/SXTmax 1,32 m³/u
AQ 25 DUO/SXTmax 1,5 m³/u
AQ 28 DUO/SXTmax 1,68 m³/u
AQ 30 DUO/SXTmax 1,8 m³/u
AQ 35 DUO/SXTmax 2,1 m³/u
AQ 40 DUO/SXTmax 2,4 m³/u
AQ 50 DUO/SXTmax 3,0 m³/u
AQ 60 DUO/SXTmax 3,6 m³/u
AQ 75-150 DUO/SXTmax 4,5 m³/u
AQ 85-300 DUO/SXTmax 8,4 m³/u
AQ 5600 SXTBesturing