Chemical-free Water Treatment

Sonoxide® Plus

The latest generation eco-friendly water treatment
No storage of expensive chemicals, no more impact on humans and the environment: welcome to the world of the revolutionary Sonoxide® Plus!


The functioning is based on ultrasonic sound waves in combination with UV-C. The cooling water is lead through an element in which it is exposed to ultrasonic sound waves at 2 different frequencies. At the same time, the water is forced to pass UV-C lamps 2 times.

The UV-C light immediately neutralises the bacteria. The ultrasonic sound waves ensure that the biofilm is tackled upstream in the system. The low-frequency ultrasonic sound waves keep the UV lamps clean.


Application area
Sonoxide® Plus is the ideal replacement of conventional biocides for all recirculation process systems. Application areas: cooling towers, both continuous and intermittent, semi-open cooling water systems, fountains, etc.

The Sonoxide® Plus has the following specifications:

Maximum flow: 35 m³/hr
Minimum flow: 7 m³/hr
Maximum water pressure: 6 bar
Minimum water pressure: 0.5 bar
Maximum cooling water volume to be treated: 200 m³
Dimensions (hxwxd in mm): 1470 x 810 x 670
Weight: 200kg
Connections: 240 V – 9 A – 50 Hz
Power consumption: 2.2 kW

An overview of the advantages of Sonoxide® Plus

  • Guaranteed high-quality functioning
  • Proven track record, tested and successfully installed in many cooling towers
  • Easy mounting and operation
  • Not harmful or aggressive for metal

MIA and Vamil tax schemes applicable (see website Netherlands Enterprise Agency