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Cleaning air handling units

Air handling units need to be cleaned thoroughly once in a while. Unfortunately, regular cleaning, as included in the contract with your installer, is not sufficient as this only covers hoovering and using a damp cloth to clean the air handling units.

Heating blocks and cooling blocks need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This also applies to fans, heat recovery wheels and drip trays. We use chemical technical cleaning to achieve this result.

A proper hygienic condition of the air handling unit will lead to less polution of supply ducts. The air handling unit will also have a longer technical lifespan.

What does this cleaning entails?

Dismantling components in the air handling unit to ensure proper access to the items which need to be cleaned. In some cases, heating and/or cooling blocks will be dismantled to ensire proper access to the areas between these blocks.

Chemical technical cleaning of air handling units.

We will then treat the air handling unit with high-pressure chemicals. Our staff will wear protective equipment. The surrounding area will be closed off and the air handling unit will be secured. The residuel product will be neutralised and, if necessary, drained and processed. Additional costs will be charged for the latter. In most cases, residues can be drained via the sewage system.

We pay extra attention to heating and cooling blocks. Dirt located between blinds can lead to a reduction of efficiency and will also pose a risk of bacterial growth which has a negative impact on air quality. We will clean the blocks thoroughly. The entire unit will be desinfected after cleaning is completed. Read more on the desinfection of climate control systems.

Bacteriological measurement.

If required, a bacteriological measurement can be carried out beforehand and afterwards, enabling you to monitor the result of the work carried out. These measurements can be carried out by yourselves or by us. We outsource these measurements to an independent, external, porfessional agency. This ensures you will receive a fair and honest reporting document. The work carried out will considerably improve the air quality and will optimise the installation’s efficiency.

An air handling unit is an essential part of the ventilation system, therefore, cleaning this properly is important. The air handling unit also uses a lot of energy. If the unit is clean, its efficiency will improve and energy consumption will reduce. This has an immediate effect on your energy consumption.

The area will be left clean and tidy when work has been completed. We will also provide you with a report, stipulating the work carried out. The report often includes photographs as well, giving a clear picture of the situation beforehand and afterwards. Any issues observed and identified which need to be dealt with will also be stipulated in the report.

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