In a competitive market you need to focus on your core business. Outsource maintenance activities on your climate and drinking water systems? Sound advice, provided this is done responsibly. The integrated AQ Group package matches quality with cost efficiency. AQ Group is ISO-9001, ISO-14001, VCA**, Ohsas 18001, BRL-6010 and BRL-K14010-1 certified.

  • Clean Climate Installations
  • Maintenance Climate Installations
  • Reconditioning / Coating
  • General Inspection
  • Calamities
  • Offshore
  • Cooling Towers
  • Water Treatment
  • Legionella
  • Water Softening and Reversed Osmosis
  • Neuthox
  • Calamities


AQ Airquality

You have to be able to trust your climate installations. Not just today, but in the long run as well. E.g. cleaning and reconditioning air treatment systems, induction units, etc. Work for true specialists.

AQ Water

The time that a cooling tower and water distribution system was a mere average installation component is a thing of the past. Recent outbreaks of the legionella bacterium have triggered society. AQ Water provides you the security you are looking for. We are a full-service provider and we will ensure that you comply with all legislation in this area. In addition, we supply and service water installations. Regardless of brand or make!

AQ International

AQ International offers you the security that your climate and (drinking) water installations are in optimal condition. Our branch in Zaventem is happy to accommodate our clients in Belgium with tailor-made services.

Joint ventures

AQ Cumulus

Your air humidification is an important element of your climate control system and plays an essential role in your activities. In order to avoid outage and legionella infection your wish is to depend on a reliable partner, AQ Cumulus.

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aq cumulus


Mr. GoodTower® (MGT) is Evapco’s official service centre in the Netherlands and supplier of all required parts for each brand of cooling tower. Mr. GoodTower takes care of the maintenance, cleaning, renovation and replacement of your installations in order to guarantee a longer life and optimal yield.

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