Frank Huibers 4ams | AQ Group

Frank Huiberts

“AQ Group really makes an effort with their pro-active approach towards their customers during COVID-19.”

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SPIE | AQ Group

Antonie Volk

“AQ Group acts quickly and unburdens its customers from A to Z!”

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Elvira hubers | AQ Group

Elvira Hubers
Utrecht University

“The biggest feeling of trust is based on the fact that AQ Group knows what they are doing technicaly and in the advice they provide.”

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BAM | AQ Group

Karel Brinkman

“They act quickly when needed, they are very approachable and the open communication structure all add up to a great collaboration.”

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Pascal Peen | AQ Group

Pascal Peen

“AQ group has made a name for itself in the world of air treatment and water treatment!”

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Glindert Juliana | AQ Group

Glinbert Juliana

“AQ Group is unique in its approach by taking the entire management process of installations and water treatment out of our hands and offering a full package.”

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Edward WOlff | AQ Group

Edward Wolff

“I am very happy with AQ Group’s flexibility. I would recommend working with AQ Group to everyone.”

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Rodney Rekveld | AQ Group

Rodney Rekveld
Kropman Installatietechniek

“AQ Group does not only differentiate due to its extensive technical knowledge and experience, but also due to its personal attention!”

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Andries Jongenis | AQ Group

Andries Jongenelis
Technisch Beheer Nederland

“A company in the area of air treatment and water treatment who works together with us like a team.”

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Raymond Haast | AQ Group

Raymond Haast
Van Dorp Rotterdam

“AQ Group’s independence and reliability are extremely pleasant! And don’t forget its flexibility, they move quickly whenever needed.”

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Ad van de Klundert | AQ Group

Ad van de Klundert
Strukton Worksphere

“AQ Group is a continuation of Strukton Worksphere, which is exactly what we were looking for.”

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Marc van den Berg | AQ Group

Marc van den Berg and
André Kal

“In case of any emergencies or issues, AQ Group responds quickly and adequately, which we really appreciate.”

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Pieter Mels | AQ Group

Pieter Mels
Global Switch

“We are not the easiest customer, which is a result of the industry we work in, we are not easily satisfied. Excellent communication and a high level of quality during the preperation phase.”

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Harvi Niebe | AQ Group

Harvi Niebe
Unica Installatietechniek

“You can sense AQ is like a family business. Just like Unica, I feel the same way about Unica as I do about AQ Group!”

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Theo Geurts | AQ Group

Theo Geurts
Energie Zuid B.V.

“It seems so simple, but AQ keeps its promises which makes us a very satisfied customer!”

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