AQ Circle-R®

An important step in circular filters!

Current filters

Air handling units are used to properly ventilate buildings. Every air handling unit has air filters. These air filters are so-called bag filters: they have a steel frame with a filter medium inside it. They are mostly manufactured in China, take up a lot of space and cannot be recycled.

This is extremely unfriendly for the environment!

AQ Circle- R® air filter: our innovation!

These circular filters will cause a landslide in the filter market; sustainable in production and circular in use!  The cartridge is a one-off purchase, the filter medium is the only item which needs to be replaced during periodic maintenance.

The cassette is a one-off purchase. No longer multiple waste products, the remaining waste product is recycable. The filter is produced in the Netherlands and uses less energy due to its low resistance.

Conventional filter AQ Circle-R® filter
Size The steel frame and its permanent filter are bulky, both in transportation as in storage. One-off purchase of the cassette, after that only the purchase medium needs to be purchased. Small volume, therefore efficient in transportation and storage.
Recyclable No. Frame and filer are linked and cannot be used seperately. Yes. The filter medium is the only part which needs to be replaced during maintenance and is completely recyclable.
Energy usage Filters have a high level of resistance and therefore us a lot of energy. Filters have a low level of resistance, therefore, the air handling unit uses less energy.
Origin 90% of filters is manufactured abroad (China) and therefore has a high CO₂ footprint. Filter is manufactured in the Netherlands and therefore has a very low CO₂ footprint.

In all aspects, a contemporary filter, completely circular and thus sustainable! These filters can be installed in all air handling units everywhere!


Filters come in three sizes:

  • 592 x 592 x 292 mm
  • 287 x 592 x 292 mm
  • 287 x 287 x 292 mm

The filter medium is made of synthetic material and has an initial resistance of 75 Pa.

They are available in 4 filter classifications:

  • PM-10 50% (M-5)
  • PM-1 60% (F-7)
  • PM-1 80% (F-9)
  • G-4

Filters can also be delivered with carbon fillings and a pre-filter. Filter classifications are certified by test laboratories associated with Eurovent, according to ISO 16890.

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