A fault or failure always happens at a bad time! Preventative maintenance reduces and/or prevents contamination and corrosion, and therefore the chance of a fault or failure occuring. It also prevents an increase in energy charges due to the system working less efficient. Besides preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance is also necessary to ensure the system is working properly and to prevent any complaints from its users. Components at the end of their lifespan will be replaced (in a timely manner). This is the perfect addition to preventative measures.

On a regular basis, AQ Group comes across climate installations which have not been maintained properly. A missed opportunity: a properly maintained installation contributes to the end user’s comfort and health. Maintenance is also of the essence for energy efficiency and lifespan of an installation.

It is a bit strange. Companies prefer to opt for energy efficient installations however, they fail to arrange proper maintenance and management which is more expensive and reduces the level of comfort. Organisation and execution of the maintenance process are very important. AQ Group employs properly trained personnel to carry out all maintenance assignments. Our planning department ensures the client is not only informed when maintenance work will be carried out but also ensures our project engineers know how to behave in a business environment.

They report on the condition of the installations, carry out any maintenance work and provide detailed reports. The project engineers are trained to not only carry out any maintenance work in a professsional manner, but also to make any recommendations on possible improvements. AQ Group also offers an excellent and optimal service during maintenance projects!

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