AQ Group uses a unique sustainability concept for green management of climate installations.

We offer a sustainability technique which enables you to score high marks on the R-ladder of circularity strategies. Sustainability and circularity are connected, and AQ Group is aiming to be a leading player in both areas. We are therefore continuously looking for new techniques and can now offer you a unique concept to make your installation ‘greener’.

Circularity is hip and happening, and all over the news. It means products will be used as a resource for new products and materials when they can no longer be used for its original purpose. By making your installation more sustainable, instead of replacing it with a new product, it will remain valuable after its lifespan has expired. Circularity is a shared commitment. We only have one planet and cannot move anywhere else if and when we run out of resources.

A ’10 R-model’ has been designed to increase focus on circularity, to ensure this can be executed and to asses used resources.

By using our concept, your climate installation will get high up on the R-ladder! And we also offer sustainability options in the field of water!

Besides sustainability and saving energy, office buildings in the Nehterlands need to have at least energy label C by 2023. Making climate installations in your building more sustainable enables you to upgrade your energy label.

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