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In a competitive market, you need to focus on your core business. Interested in outsourcing maintenance activities on your climate installations and drinking water and process water installations? Yes please, but in a responsible manner!

AQ Group specialises in the optimisation of quality of air and water. AQ Group’s integrated package is a combination of quality and cost efficiency, hence its slogan: “The best care for water and air”. Our clients mostly include installers, building managers and property owners. Quality is very important to us and is an important basis for our growth. We are certified in accordance with ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-45001, VCA**, BRL-6010 and BRL K14010-1. In recent years, we have mainly focussed on offering innovative and sustainable solutions and unburdening our clients.

The following divisions and joint ventures are part of AQ Group:

  • AQ air quality: cleaning, maintenance and reconditioning of, amongst other things, climate installations and related equipment. Also expert in retrofitting air handling units (making them energy efficient).
  • AQ air socks: advise, installation, maintenance, cleaning and servicing of all brands and models of air socks. We have a clean room for optimal cleaning on our site in Utrecht.
  • AQ water: offers its customers the security needed with regards to legionella management in cooling towers and drinking water systems, and maintenance and delivery of water installations.
  • AQ Cooling: advise on sustainable solutions for cooling and heating of buildings, in combination with the delivery of the right equipment.
  • AQ Construct: AQ Construct specialises in the assembling new climate installations and adjusting piping systems of climate and drinking water systems and installations.
  • AQ Cumulus: combines knowledge on air humidification systems with experience in maintenance protocols. Including optimal maintenance with regards to the system’s location.
  • AQ Circle-R: an innovative concept whereby these circular filters will cause a landslide in the filter market; sustainable in production and circular in use! The AQ Circle-R filter consists of a separate cassette with an exchangeable filter medium.
  • AQ International: offers her Belgian customers security on the optimal condition of climate and drinking water installations from her branche in Herentals.

Thanks to this package of products and services, AQ Group can unburden its customers completely!

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