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“AQ Group takes a pro-active approach when looking at the customer’s situation during COVID-19.”

We spoke to Frank Huiberts, via a COVID-proof videolink.

Frank has been working as a maintenance coordinator at 4AMS since 1st April 2020. “This is a collective of four different companies: Strukton, Engie, Croonwolter&dros and KLM. AMS stands for Asset Management Services,it brings together all specialties and is responsible for management and maintenance of approaximately 100 buildings owned by KLM. Ever since its foundation, 4AMS has created its own identity.”

Frank had been working at Strukton for more than four years when he moved to 4AMS. During this time, he had excellent experiences working with AQ Group. “I managed different projects, AQ Group always delivered their maintenance work to a satisfactory level.”

When 4AMS started last year, KLM insisted all existing technical contracts would continue, including AQ Group’s contract, to safeguard knowledge and expertise. “We inherited AQ Group which we are very happy about! One of the advantages is that AQ Group’s personnel know what is expected with regards to screening requirements, they know exactly where the installations are located and what needs to be done. They know all the procedures and act accordingly. They are able to think along with us, as a result to the long history we share!”

At the moment, AQ Group carries out preventative maintenance to air and water installations and assesses the overall technical condition. KLM was hit hard due to COVID-19 and is focussing on its budget. For that reason, only statutory maintenance was on the cards. “Any additional issues reported by the engineers cannot always be authorised to be carried out. However, we have decided to scale-up, as from a technical point of view, additional maintenance is necessary to ensure proper functioning of systems and installations in the future.”

“AQ Group made an effort in taking KLM’s situation during COVID-19 into account and understands the issues we are dealing with. Regular meetings help us come to a solution whereby the customer can still rely on its installations and systems. This will be a long term plan, and AQ will be the right partner for this as they are a pleasure to work with.”

Frank Huibers 4ams | AQ GroupFrank Huiberts, 4AMS
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