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Mr. Theo Geurts has been in the industry for more than 30 years. He gives his vision on the partnership with AQ Group from his current position as service manager at Engie Zuid B.V. Theo is responsible for maintenance to utiliterian installations at more than 70 customers.

Theo: ”I have been working with AQ Group since they started out as Airquality. We go back more than 15 years and the work has expanded ever since. Initially, it was mostly regarding reconditioning air handling units and cleaning air ducts, however, it now also includes maintenance of water installations, of which leagionalla control is an important aspect.”

Theo sees himself as someone who focusses on personal contact. “The supplier can be seen as an extension from ourselves to the customer, and therefore their behaviour will reflect on our relationship with the customer. I prefer to have an open relationship with my suppliers, and to feel that we are working together. Direct contact and open communication are of the essence, including if something does not go according to plan. This is exactly what my relationship with AQ Group entails.”

Price/quality ratio is important to Theo, which is taken care of at AQ Group. “It is with good reason that AQ is one of our preferred suppliers. The combination of maintenance on water and air treatment definetely has its advantages in those cases where the focus is on the pricing. The biggest advantage of my relationship with AQ is that we are working together, we are on the same page.”

Theo’s customers can be found in different sectors, for example hospitals and industry. This means that work does not always take place during general office hours. “As AQ includes additional charges for shift work in their quotation documents, we don’t have to have a discussion with our customers on that. A perfect example of open communication and a pro-active apraoch from AQ.”

Theo finishes the interview with the following words: “It seems pretty straight forward but AQ keeps its promises, which is very important. It saves us all a lot of time and, most importantly, leads to a satisfied end user!”.

Theo Geurts | AQ GroupTheo Geurts, Engie Zuid b.v.
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