Delivery and assembly of new air socks

Air socks can be used in different branches. Textile air hoses are easy to assemble in high spaces, they meet high hygienic standards and can transfer clean air, warm air and cold air.

Various branches using air socks:

  • Sports facilities
  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • (Food) industry
  • Retail
  • Swimming pools
  • Schools
  • Clean rooms

Range of air socks suspension

We can deliver all types and models. We can deliver circular, half-round, quarter-round and rectangular air socks. Our range also includes other options:

  • Material: we can deliver different types and qualities of textile
  • Colours: all colours imaginable can be ordered
  • Air distribution: suppression, injection, hybrid or membrane

We also deliver the following types of suspension for air socks:

Single suspension

  • aluminium rail with bead
  • aluminium rail with hooks
  • steel wire with hooks
  • aluminium rail with threaded rod
  • aluminium rail with steel wire
  • reinforced rail with Gripple

Double suspension

  • half-round air socks aluminium rail
  • aluminium rail vertical hangers
  • air sock velcro assembly
  • air sock with double rail
  • air sock with double steel wire

Special suspension

  • circular air sock freely suspended
  • double arch suspension
  • air sock with triple rail

Assembly air socks

Assembly of air socks is carried out by our own service company. Ensuring work is carried out as agreed and in a safe manner. This is warranted by our certifications on safety (VCA**), procedures (ISO-9001, ISO-45001) and the environment (ISO-14001).

Accessibility of assembly location and availability of the area are taken into account. This will be discussed and agreed with you before hand. Specific requests from the client will be taken into account during assembly. Single suspension, double suspension or specific suspension: anything is possible. Our engineers are experienced and well trained, ensuring an excellent level of service. This prevents any surprises from happening and ensures the work carried out is as agreed.

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