Reconditioning / coating

There is a direct link between our quality of life and the quality of the air we breathe. Does this mean we should help finding that natural balance within a working and living environment? Absolutely! Luckily, we are more and more aware of this. Climate control systems have become the norm in buildings. Not in the least because the governemnt is putting higher demands on hygienic working conditons through its working conditions legislation and HACCP-standards.

Reconditioning air handling units

AQ Group specialises in regular cleaning and maintenance of your climate systems. And we are more than happy to help you out when it is time to upgrade your system. Reconditioning your air handling unit will bring your system in excellent condition. Guaranteeing long term, properly working climate control in your working environment.

Coating air-cooled condensers

Air-cooled condensers are often provided with aluminium blinds. This has a positive impact on the transmission process however, blinds are highly sensitive to oxidation and other influences from the weather and the environment. By applying a proper coating, for example the EnergyGuard® condensor coating, you protect your condensor and prolong its technical lifespan.

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Reconditioning air handling units

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Coating of air-cooled condensers

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