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Coating air-cooled condensers

Contamination is disastrous for blinds of air-cooled condensers and can lead to corrosion. Specifically outdoor condensers exposed to the elements are sensitive to corrosion. Aluminium blinds are also extremely sensitive to corrosion.

Protection air-colled condensers’ blinds

Blinds of air-cooled condensers are often made of aluminium. Aluminium is an excellent conductor however, they will corrode and decompose. This process has a negative impact on the condenser’s efficiency and technical lifespan. Corrosion of metal objects can be prevented by applying a coating and a suitable protective layer.

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New at AQ Group: EnergyGuard Condensor Coating®

We use EnergyGuard Condensor Coating® for coating air-cooled condensers. This coating is specifically developed for this purpose and is friendly for people and the environment. The coating has special components, ensuring an optimal transmission of warmth. Coating the slats with this special condenser coating will protect them from the elements. Its efficiency will remain in place and it prolongs the condenser’s lifespan.

Advantages of this coating:

  • Optimal and longterm protection
  • Ultra thin layer thickness
  • High thermal conductivity coefficient
  • Extremely low k-value
  • Suitable for aluminium, copper and stainless steel
  • Two year warranty
  • Water based and therefore friendly for people and the environment
  • No odour

Extra protection for your condenser

Sometimes, a heavier coating is required to for protection. We then apply Heavy-Duty Condensor Coating®. This coating is specifically designed to offer extra protection against aggresive weather and environmental conditions.

Making sure your climate system is performing optimally

The above mentioned tasks can be added to our AQ Support Contract®. Within this contract, air-cooled condensers are cleaned and coating is touched up on a regular basis. Ensuring your systems and installations are performing to their best abilities.

Washing plant and spray booth

AQ Group has access to a large washing plant and spray booth. This enables us to treating even the biggest size cooling machines and heat pumps in order to apply our EnergyGuard Condenser Coating®. New installations can be delivered to our premises, where we will transport them to their final destination after their treatment is completed. You can then be sure your new installations have a longterm protection against the roughest weather conditions.

Interested in getting your air-cooled condenser coated? Just get in touch. We are happy to help!

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