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Legionella Gatekeeper

The solution for legionella control in drinking water systems and water humidification in air handling units: our self spraying legionella filters. The filters have been BRL-K14010/1 certified. The functioning of self spraying legionella filters is based on ultrafiltration combined with automated spraying which cleans the filters.

Filter with pores

The membranes on the filter elements measure 0,03 µm (micron). Water is pressed through the pores, capturing legionella (and other) bacteria and most of the virusses present. Bacteria are capterud up until log 8, i.e. to 99.9999999% and virusses up until log 2, i.e. to 99.99%. The filter is self-cleaning, which means it flushes automatically at set times.

There are a lot of advantages to these legionella filters, including:

  • Very reliable, the water behind the filter is 100% free of legionella
  • Return temperature can be set at 50°C
  • Quick return on investment
  • Flushing no longer necessary
  • Maintenance friendly, filters need to be replaced every 5 years
  • To be used as a gatekeeper, directly behind the water meter
  • To be used locally, at critical spots like emergency eye wash stations and emergency showers
  • Easy to install

Also to be used as a controlling measure for water humidification in air handling units.

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