Water softeners

Would you like to prevent scaling in your systems and installations? You have come to the right place at AQ Water! We are happy to supply you with our water softener equipment. Our range includes water softeners based on the exchange of ions.

Reliable water softener equipment for every purpose

Using our water softeners prevents calcification in piping systems, equipment and appendages. This will prolong the lifespan of your equipment and prevents unneccesary loss of energy. Thanks to our extensive experience in water treatment, we can select and install the right water softener for you.

Obviously, you can always fall back on our service department: our service engineers are ready to help you out in case of any disruptions or emergencies. Brand independent. Please check out the maintenance concept on our website.

Click on the water softener with the relevant flow in our list below, and you will be taken to the relevant product document.

Type Flow
AQ 6 ES/SXT max 0.2 m³/u
AQ 10S/SXT max 0.6 m³/u
AQ 14M/SXT max 0.84 m³/u
AQ 18L/SXT max 1.08 m³/u
AQ 22L/SXT max 1.32 m³/u
AQ 25L/SXT max 1.5 m³/u
AQ 28L/SXT max 1.68 m³/u
AQ 30L/SXT max 1.8 m³/u
AQ 35L/SXT max 2.1 m³/u
AQ 10 DUO/SXT max 0.6 m³/u
AQ 14 DUO/SXT max 0.84 m³/u
AQ 18 DUO/SXT max 1.08 m³/u
AQ 22 DUO/SXT max 1.32 m³/u
AQ 25 DUO/SXT max 1.5 m³/u
AQ 28 DUO/SXT max 1.68 m³/u
AQ 30 DUO/SXT max 1.8 m³/u
AQ 35 DUO/SXT max 2.1 m³/u
AQ 40 DUO/SXT max 2.4 m³/u
AQ 50 DUO/SXT max 3.0 m³/u
AQ 60 DUO/SXT max 3.6 m³/u
AQ 75-150 DUO/SXT max 4.5 m³/u
AQ 85-300 DUO/SXT max 8.4 m³/u
AQ 5600 SXT Operation

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