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For this edition, we spoke to Ad van de Klundert. He has been working as a maintenance engineer at Strukton Worksphere for over a year. Since May, Van de Klundert, together with client manager Peter de Jong, is responsible for building related installations at Amphia Ziekenhuis in Breda. This hospital has three sites in Breda, and a new hospital is currently being built.

Ad: “A hospital environment requires a different type of attention than an office environment. Because you are dealing with patients who have little to no resistance to visrusses and bacteria which won’t be an issue to healthy people. For patients, this could be fatal. For example, opening a ceiling for maintenance to a fancoil unit is not an option as this the risk of an infection for patients is too big.”

Ad was already familiar with AQ Group before joining Strukton Worksphere. He worked at Imtech for 25 years, one of our customers. AQ Group was hired as a result of the hospital’s precarious environment. Van de Klundert: “AQ handles all maintenance related activities on air handling. Both cleaning and technical maintenance. A test on maintenance and cleaning of fancoil units has been carried out recently, and will be rolled out to all sites. AQ is also responsible for water treatment of all cooling towers, including maintenance and cleaning. This does not include legionella management. AQ is expert in technical maintenance on cooling towers and has therefore been asked to take this on as well.”

The collaboration is working out really well. According to Van de Klundert, familiar faces, the team and short lines of communication are very important. “The technical services team checks the work which has been carried out and they prefer a point of contact with technical knowledge, a team of just cleaners doesn’t work. We also don’t want to spend time in constantly making people famiair with the specific environments, procedures and sites. Accumulated familiarity ensures the lines of communication are short and we all have acces to the right points of contact within the company, which is beneficial to us, AQ Group and the end user.”

As Van de Klundert put it, AQ Group employs the right people with the right approach, including people wearing fancy suits who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Van de Klundert: “AQ Group has become a partner for Strukton Worksphere thanks to its contacts with the end user, which is exactly what we were looking for.”

Ad van de Klundert | AQ GroupAd van de Klundert, Strukton Worksphere
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