Only last year, Andries Jongenelis from Technisch Beheer Nederland got in touch with AQ Group. After a few trial projects, they started a permanent collaboration. We spoke to Andries Jongenelis, contract manager, about this partnership.

Andries: “I am responsible for contract management of large real estate properties, and am therefore in contact with AQ Group a lot. I am the permanent and only point of contact regarding any contract management related issues for all customers assigned to our team. This is an important aspect to us, which is something we are also looking for in other parties. At AQ, we have a single point of contact who is very easy to get in touch with.”

He continues: “We not only have a single point of contact for all issues which might come up, but he is also our contact person for any maintenance, air treatment and water treatment related issues. This is unique and of great importance to us. We are a company who also wants to invest in a personal relationship. A pleasent collaboration. We should be able to inform each other if something has gone wrong, which shouldn’t be an issue and should not result in terminating a contract. We have enough experience with AQ Group to appreciate the collaboration we have and are looking forward to expanding this in the future. AQ Group gives you the feeling you are working as a team!”

We thanks Andries for his kind words, and finish with saying that we appreciate his approach towards us, where working together to find the best solution is always our joint focus.

Andries Jongenis | AQ GroupAndries Jongenelis, Technisch Beheer Nederland

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