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We asked Antonio Volk, who has been working asa  lead engineer at Spie for the past two years, about his job and his experiences with AQ Group. Antonio is seen more as the main technical expert at a renowned data centre in Rotterdam, as opposed to being employed by a particular employer. This is because he has been responsible for the data centre’s maintenance for more than ten years, and knows the building inside and out. He looks after the building and its systems and installations, ensuring availability, safety and health are safeguarded. AQ Group is responsible for water treatment and maintenance and management of cooling towers.

Antonio has been working with AQ Group for ten years, “I would defintely recommend AQ Group, they are very flexible and are able to unburden their customers completely”. He illustrates this with an example.

“The owner of the building made the intermittent decision to opt for a water treatment solution from another water treatment supplier. This was not a great success as the level of calcification in the system increased dramatically. When we approached AQ Group for a second opinion, it turned out the water treatment implemented was not sufficient for the relevant cooling system. The owner asked AQ Group to carry out a traditional, chemical based water treatment, which was taken care of within a day. AQ Group then used a acidification treatment and replaced the cooling packages, ensuring the system was working properly again. A fine example of action quickly and unburdening your customer.”

The collaboration is working out really well. “Fixed contact people, in my case mostly the service engineers who know the building, systems and installations and all rules relating to access to the building. It makes it so much easier to communicate, as I can discuss any issues straight away which works really well”, according to Antonio.

Antonio also mentions the service engineers are very tidy and always clean up when they have finished. In other words: AQ takes care of everyting!

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