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We spoke to Edward Wolff, client services manager at Vertiv. Edward has been working at Vertiv for more than six years and is responsible for a number of large European key accounts. “We deliver uninterruptible power supplies (UPS’en), racks, services and high quality, innovative cooling installations. When there is a power outage, we make sure the relevant data centre can continue without experiencing any difficulties.”

Vertiv appraoched AQ Group over a year ago to replace filters on cooling installations of a large data centre. This collaboration worked really well, so soon afterwards a second project was launched. Edward: “We had to design a filter solution for this customer. We were very happy with the work provided by AQ Group. They were very pro-active. We worked together with Erwin van Halteren, who has an extraordinary creative mind! The team is also very good, the engineers work very hard without loosing sight of any safety issues!”

After the collaboration for made to measure filter solutions for this large key account was approved by Vertiv, the unique filter solutions could be installed by AQ Group. The project is still ongoing and should be completed at the end of March.

“We are so happy with the collaboration during this project, that we would like to start a third project. The engineers work really hard and are not afraid to get on with it. Everyone is very flexible, they work fast and are very appraochable. Eric’s involvement (CEO AQ Group) is also very much appreciated and very pleasant.”

Edward has a few last words: “I would like to thank the entire team at AQ Group for their commitment, input, flexibility and high level of work. I look forward to working on many more projects in the future.”

Edward WOlff | AQ GroupEdward Wolff, Vertiv
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