We asked Elvira Hubers, supplier and contract manager at the Facilities Service Centrum at Utrecht University, about her job and her experiences with AQ Group.

Utrecht University has over 120 buildings in four different regions. AQ Group is active in three areas at Utrecht Science Parc, which includes technical buildings and laboratories. We spoke to Elvira online, she has been working as supplier and contract manager at the Facilities Service Centre at Utrecht University for some time now. Elvira told us: “My department manages maintenance contracts from buildings and building-related installations, which is where my relationship with AQ Group commenced in 2017.”

Utrecht University started a tender process for the management of water handling installations, which is how AQ Group got involved. Hubers: “The largest part of our income as a university, comes from the government. We therefore have to follow European guidelines on tender processes when dealing with major contracts. AQ Group submitted the best financial offer on the water handling installation tender process in 2017, and again a year later during the tender process of managing of cooling towers.”

“Preventative maintenance on water installations is carried out a couple of times a year, depending on the type of installation. This could be a water softener in a kitchen or an installation for one of the laboratories. As  our laboratories are used for testing purposes, the quality of water is of great importance. But they are also available in case of any disruptions or outages.”

Elvira’s appreciation of our collaboration is evident, looking at the contract renewals. “The biggest level of confidence comes from AQ Group’s technical knowledge and their advisory role. For example, we are obliged to monitor the cooling towers carefully and have asked AQ Group to do this on a monthly basis. AQ Group also provides advice to ensure Utrecht University meets all rules and regulations. AQ Group has reviewed our legionella risk analysis and management plans of cooling towers. Taking the high number of visitors and our 7,500 employees into account, we don’t want to take any risks when it comes to leagionella. It is great that they think along with us, and we are very satisfied with the services they provide!”

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