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We spoke to mr. Glinbert Juliana. He has been working as Officer in Charge at CCE B.V., a power plant at the VU Amsterdam for the past two years. “CCE stands for Coordination Centre Energy, we supply the hospital with electricity and, amongst other things, demineralised water. We supply campus with pressured air and heated/chilled water. I share responsibility for a team of engineers, handing out work permits, communicating with suppliers, interviewing candidates etc. All interruptions and outages are registered here, which we communicate with the different building technicians. It is of great importance for us to be present 24 hours a day.”

Glinbert: “We used to work with two companies who managed our water systems. But it became very confusing, which company was responsible for which aspect. We now know: if there are any water related issues, just call AQ Group.”

It is very clear what makes AQ Group stand out from its competition: “AQ Group handles the overall management of cooling towers and process water treatment. AQ Group is one of a kind in this level of service, which offers us financial and operational advantages. In the past we approached different companies. At AQ, it’s a one stop shop.” The collaboration is working out really well. According to Glinbert, a permanent team of people, a fixed point of contact and the ability to act quickly are of great importance.

Glindert Juliana | AQ GroupGlinbert Juliana, CCE B.V.
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