We spoke to Harvi Niebe, contract manager at Unica Installatietechniek. Unica is a technical service provider offering solutions in the field of energy, safety, sustainabilty of buildings, ICT and a healthy living and working environment. Listening to requirements and needs from customers, getting Unica and its suppliers involved to work together on the right solution based on their way of working. Unica has 14 branches, ten specialised companies, three regional project organisations and approximately 2,000 employees.

Contract management
Harvi is contract manager at the branche in Amsterdam. He is responsible for managing his customer’s building owned installations. These contracts often include different systems and installations: cooling, air treatment, security, emergency lighting, legionella prevention at cooling towers etc. Harvi’s customers are quite divers. Harvi: “For example, one of my customers owns more than 50 stores, and another customer owns three shopping centres. These customers have a maintenance contrant which covers regular maintenance. At certain sites we employ permanent members of staff, at other sites we deal with any difficulties by using on call staff.”

Complex project
AQ Water is used at difficult projects. Harvi explains: “One of our customers in Zoetermeer wants to do more than is legally required according to the AI-32 standard for cooling towers. This directive determines standards on safety, health and the environment. If the standard stipulates a four monthly check on legionella, the customer would like a monthly check to be carried out. These high standards demand a different approach to maintenance of cooling towers, not just water treatment, but the entire package.”

Working as a team
Harvi talks about a partnership. Harvi: “It is important to translate the wishes and needs of our customers properly. Working with AQ Group helps us provide the best service possible to our customers. AQ Group has the right knowledge and experience. The customers sees us as a team, and we make sure we are both present during meetings with our customers.”

Drinking water system
AQ Water is involved in creating a new drinking water system at one of Unica’s customers. This is a long running project, lasting three years, of which the final part will be delivered at the end of February. Harvi: “AQ carried out an extensive legionella risk analysis, mapped out any issues, wrote a plan with solutions and ensured there is no still water in the water system.”

“The collaboration with AQ Group started at my previous employer. I like the fact that there are short lines of communication. I call my point of contact and together we find out which possible solutions there are. If we need any expertise from outside the company, this is organised straight away. You feel AQ Group is like a family business. Just like Unica, the feeling I have here is the same feeling I get at AQ Group!”

Harvi Niebe | AQ GroupHarvi Niebe, Unica Installatietechniek

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