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Karel Brinkman has been working at BAM Apeldoorn for the past ten years. He has worked himself up to service specialist and is the first point of contact for all mechanical engineering jobs on approximately sixty buildings from the police forces in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Together with two colleagues, he is responsible for coordination of any work that needs to be carried out. “Taking stock and providing supervision, drafting quotations and sending them off, ensuring the work is carried out and managing a team of engineers until the work has been complete. I am responsible from A to Z, and everything in between.”

How did you end up working with AQ Group? “We were unsatisfied with the initial supplier we were working with on this project. They didn’t keep their promises and did not know how to handle the police’s strict screening requirements. If my end user is unhappy, we’re done. So we got AQ Group involved more than six month ago and we are very happy with this desicion.”

BAM Apeldoorn asked AQ Group to carry out maintenance work to climate systems at different police stations. “It is very important to have everything under control and to be prepared properly when working at a customer like the police. Taking care of screenings and registering the project engineers are strict requirements, AQ Group has all of this taken care of!”

But it’s not all about maintenance. Karel: “Increasing sustainability of (utility) buildings is at the top of the govenrment’s agenda, and therefore also something we focus on. Besides maintenance work, there is also a large project for revision and reconditioning of twelve air handling units. There is clear evidence that the customer will save on energy costs and maintenance charges once the project has been completed.”

Karel expects more work to be carried out in the future: “We have not been able to use your water treatment services yet, due to a lack of time on our side, but we definetely will get this organised. Everything under one roof with a single point of contact works extremely well.”

“I would definetely recommend AQ Group as a service provider.” “Their flexibility, open approach and transparency leads to an excellent collaboration.”

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