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“From communication to knowledge on different types of buildings: the project engineers are very professional and take a proactive approach. AQ Group has established an excellent reputation in the air handling and water treatment industry!”

For this edition, we spoke to Pascal Peen. Pascal has been working as a service engineer at Kuijpers for more than a year. “I share responsibility for the planning of work and pay attention to progress, materials, requirements and end results of different projects. I have a lot of contact with project engineers who are working at various large museums in Amsterdam.” He has actually been working with AQ Group for more than 13 years as his previous employer used our services as well!

In response to our question whether Pascal is happy, he sets off: “We are very happy with the AQ Group, specifically as communication between us is running very smoothly. AQ Group’s project engineers also represent our company and they behave exactly as we expect from our personnel. Extremely professional, delivering excellent work and taking a pro-active approach, not just towards us but also towards the end customer! No endless discussions but getting things done! Another upside, for us and the end customer, is the level of knowledge of different sites. This is very important as it prevents having to explain over and over again how things work, which house rules apply etc. That wouldn’t work, especially not in a museum!”

Pascal informs us that Kuijpers maintains high standards with regards to building management, both on a technical management level and when it comes to customer satisfaction in the relevant building. “The professional approach from the project engineers and their way of working meets this standard. They are team players and go the extra mile, for example taking a look at a noisy extraction fan, even though it has nothing to do with the job they are carrying out.”

“AQ Group has established an excellent reputation in the air handling and water treatment industry!”

Pascal Peen | AQ GroupPascal Peen, Kuijpers
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