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Raymond first became familiair with AQ Group, called Air Quality Improvement at the time, when working as a service coordinator at Imtech. Soon, AQ Group became a permanent subcontractor and, after Imtech went bankrupt, the relationship continued at Van Dorp Rotterdam where Raymond works as a Technical Manager. As Raymond put it: “why change a winning team!”

What do you appreciate in your relationship with AQ Group? Haast: “Mostly their independence! We are extremely busy ourselves, so it feels really good working with a reliable and professional partner. We can always call them if there are any issues, they will sort things out which is exactly what we are looking for. We have a fixed point of contact and the longer you work together, the better you get to know each other and you’ll know exactly what to expect from each other.”

Raymond: “We had a large project recently, which included cleaning ducts and air handling units out of office hours. The tenant gave us a big compliment afterwards, stating he was very happy with the work carried out.” This was quite special, Haast told us, as employees from a logistics service provider don’t beat around the bush and will definitely tell you if they are unhappy. “We appreciate the fact that personnel from AQ Group knows how to behave and handle themselves in a working environment and that they’re wearing proper company clothing. They do after all represent our company in some way.”

Raymond would also like to emphasise AQ’s flexibility. “AQ can act pretty quickly after jobs have been allocated to them. There is often a certain degree of tension between ourselves and our customers, we pass on contracts from our subcontractors and the customer wants to be serviced as soon as possible once he has given his approval on the work to be carried out. AQ can definitely deliver!”

So far, no water treatment contract has been bought from AQ, however, the first 2 quotes have been provided and Raymond is confident this will definitely happen this year!

Raymond joined AQ Group at the beginning of 2020.

Raymond Haast | AQ GroupRaymond Haast, Van Dorp Rotterdam
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