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Cleaning cooling installations

Air-side cleaning of air cooled condensers

Blinds of air cooled condensers can become dirty and corrosive due to weather and environmental conditions. However, unrestricted air flow is necessary to guarantee an optimal transfer of heat. Contamination can (partly) block the flow of air, which will have a negative impact. For example, a contimated surface of an air cooled condenser will lead to a reduction of heat transfer. As a result, the condensation temperature could increase considerably. As a result, energy usage is a lot higher compared to properly cleaned condensers. A contaminated condenser uses 10-20% more energy than a clean condenser. You can also read more about cleaning air ducts.

These before and after pictures give a clear picture of the development of dirt and corrosion on a condenser.

Reinigen koelinstallaties | AQ GroupReinigen koelinstallaties | AQ Group

Why is it important to clean cooling installations?

It is important to chemically-technically clean these installations on a regular basis, to safeguard its technical lifespan and optimise its efficiency. The cooling installations will keep their full cooling capacity, their technical lifespan prolongs and there will be a reduction in your exploitation costs. AQ Group employs properly trained and experienced personnel to carry out these tasks properly.

Acidification of cooling machines, TSA’s, boilers and kettles

Cooling machines, TSA´s and other heat regulators are sensitive to the weather and the environment, its primary and/or secondary sides can become contaminated due to limescale, corrosion and sludge. This has a negative impact on the installation’s efficiency, and contamination of the pipe bundles reduces its techical lifespan.

Using special chemicals for acidification and flushing of pipe bundles enables us to clean, descale and get rid of corrosion. The chemicals used are obviously being collected, neutralised and drained.

Regular waterside cleaning optimises its efficiency and prolongs its technical lifespan. This type of cleaning has a great return on investment as your exploitation costs will reduce.

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