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Cleaning heat recovery wheels and heat exchangers

Heat recovery wheels are susceptible to contamination. Without regular cleaning, your installation’s efficiency will reduce considerably and your energy charges will increase. Contamination of the heat exchanger wheel also has a negative impact on the air quality. It is therefore important to clean heat recovery wheels on a regular basis.

Chemical-technical cleaning of heat recovery wheels.

Cleaning a heat recovery wheel needs to be carried out by an expert. There is a chance of damage when carrying out this job. AQ Group employs properly trained and experienced personnel to take care of this for you.

Replacing heat recovery wheels.

Replacing heat recovery wheels? You have come to the right place! Get in touch to discuss the different options for replacing or cleaning heat recovery wheels.

Using heat recovery wheels to retract heat from extracted air has been done for years. The development of equipment and materials to use has been continous. It might therefore be interesting to replace the existing hot recovery wheel. Just cleaning might not be enough due to wear and tear, which is when we would recommend replacing the heat recovery wheel completely.

We also offer advice on different types of heat recovery wheels, which might be useful before replacing them. New sorption rotors are more efficient than existing hygroscopic heat recovery wheels.

Gain benefits by using a smaller cooling machine, thanks to a sorption heat recovery wheel.

When choosing sorption heat recovery wheels, a smaller cooling machine will often be sufficient and you will see a reduction in energy costs. In most cases, the additional investment for sorption rotors pays off within one year!

The opposite is also possible. Imagine you need a new cooling machine – a smaller cooling machine will do the job if heat recovery wheels are replaced by sorption rotors.

Below you will find an example of a property measuring a gross surface of 15,000 m²:

Investing in sorption rotors € 75,000.-
Smaller investment due to smaller cooling machine € 17,000.-
Additional charges sorption rotos € 58,000.-
Annual saving on energy charges € 21,100.-

Return on investment 2.7 years!

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