Desinfecting of climate systems

Viruses, such as COVID-19, can survive longer than two weeks on metal and plastic surfaces. During this period, viruses can be passed onto people. Thorough cleaning and desinfection of your climate system (in a working environment) is of great importance during COVID-19.

AQ Group specialises in the hygenic cleaning and desinfection of climate systems and air handling systems. To ensure the air in your company is clean, safe and free of germs. The corona virus is transmitted via small liquid particals in the air. Contamination can take place when infected people sneeze or cough, or could possible take place via contaminated surfaces.

Overdue maintenance

A lot of companies put cleaning or desinfecting air handling units and climate systems low on their list of priorities. Just as desinfection of air ducts. We sometimes see installations which have not been cleaned for years, where pests have made their home and which have a thick layer of dirt. Outdated air filters are a breeding place for bacteria and fungi. The air blowing through this, is inhaled by people. This could be in office buildings, but also in schools and other spaces where people work and stay.

We can help you desinfecting your climate systems and areas to fight the corona virus and to prevent cross contamination. We clean and desinfect climate systems and areas using special equipment. This includes ‘fogging’. We blow desinfected mist into areas, thereby desinfecting the entire room.

We also clean and desinfect heat recovery wheels and (de)centralized climate systems. We also replace filters, and do all we can to keep the quality of air in your company at the highest possible quality. We have all the tools and knowledge required.

Fully available

Specifically during this period, when a lot of companies have instructed their personnel to work from home (if and when possible) to reduce the chance of being contaminated with the corona virus, AQ Group is fully available for its clients. Do you have any questions on protecting your personnel and on cleaning and desinfecting of areas and climate systems, please get in touch at 088-1233455 or via

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