Soot and fire damage

Air handling systems and installations in buildings usually contain soot after a fire. Soot is contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) if it is caused by uncontrolled combustion. These are dangerous and carcinogenic substances. To prevent its users being exposed to these harmful substances once the building is in use again, it is of great importance to clean contaminated air ducts quickly, thoroughly and professionally by our cleaning experts.

Cleaning air handling systems

If systems and installations are not cleaned properly, areas can become contaminated again when air handling systems and installations are switched on. It is important to act quickly in case of fire damage to prevent severe business damages. We can therefore be contacted 24 hours per day, seven days a week and our skilled engineers are available immediately!

The air handling systems and installations will be inspected, and together we will take stock of all the work to be carried out. After your approval, we can start cleaning straight away to ensure the building is ready to be used again as soon as possible.

Work we can carry out in case of fire damage include:

  • Chemical-technical cleaning of air handling units, with specific attention to removing soot from heat recovery wheels
  • Installing inspection hatches and/or oversized plates in air ducts which need cleaning
  • The most effective method of cleaning depends on the amount of soot and will be decided upon on location
  • Deodorizing systems and installations
  • If necessary, replacement of parts which include porous insulation materials, for example silencers in air handling units. It is also possible to impregnate the inside insulation to encapsulate smells
  • Cleaning of all other components, including induction units, fancoil units, grills etc

If required, the quality of the cleaning work we provide can be checked by an external, independent company. To assure the system is cleaned properly!

At AQ Group, we employ experts who have a lot of experience in removing soot from air handling systems and installations. We are hired by damage experts, property owners, property managers, engineers and various renowned companies in the salvage industry.

We can be contacted 24/7 at our general number and are available immediately. Call us at 088-1233455!

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