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Maintenance air handling unit

Cleaning air handling units on a regular basis is of great importance. This is time-consuming and often carried out by members of staff who have got a lot on their plate already. Technical personnel is scarce and one should wonder if these type of jobs should still be carried out by (highly) trained technical members of staff. AQ Group can be of assistance, both on a technical and a hygienic level.

Our members of staff have been trained properly and know what is expected of them. While carrying out cleaning activities, they can also take care of technical maintenance, for example changing filters and replacing v-belts. We pay specific attention to replacing v-belts, this needs to be done carefully i.e. using a laser and optikrik to ensure the v-belt is aligned and tensioned properly.

Our experts are exceptionelly well trained in the following:

  • Cleaning the inside and outside of air handling units
  • Inserting new filters
  • Removal and disposal of old filters
  • Replacing v-belts
  • Aligning v-belts using laser equipment
  • Visual check of components, including heat recovery wheels, bearings, valves etc
  • Reporting on condition of installation, if required, in accordance with NEN-2767

You will receive individual repports per installation once the work has been completed. We report on the work carried out and which components have been replaced. For example, which types of filters have been inserted and which type of v-belt has been assembled. An install-base is created, giving the opportunity to order the right materials straight away in the future. This report will become available on the internet portal used as a database. This will give you 24/7 access to your documents, and we assure you these will remain in the database. If preferred, we can add your logo to these reports. Last but not least: if preferred, the work carried out can be done while wearing your company ‘uniform’.

All in all, choosing AQ Group gives you assurance of work being carried out properly, detailed reporting including any particularities of the air handling units. Enabling you to allocate other task to your members of staff.

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