Heat recovery

Not all existing air handling units include heat recovery. And there are plenty of air handling units without energy efficient heat recovery wheels, like sorption rotors. As a result of stricter energy savings’ rules and regulations, people are forced to take action. The most obvious solution is replacing the existing air handling unit.

But what about circularity? And is it really necessary? We don’t think so. We can addd heat recovery to the existing air handling unit, ensuring you meet all rules and regulations on efficiency which apply to todays’ installations. Heat recovery ensures heat from extracted air is being re-used.

We design, deliver and install twincoil systems, ensuring existing air handling units meet the latest requirements and standards. Another advantage of twincoil systems is that bacteria, fungi and virusses in the extracted air cannot mix with the fresh supply of air.

We also replace heat recovery wheels. Heat recovery wheels are made of aluminium, which corrodes over time. We can replace them 1:1 and can also deliver higher quality heat recovery wheels, thereby realising energy savings. For example, replacing an existing heat recovery wheel with a sorption rotor.

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