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Waterside cleaning CV and GWK systems

Sometimes CV and/or GKW systems require cleaning as dirt is stuck to the inside walls and components and reducing its flow and efficiency.

The system will be filled with a mixture of water and a cleaning product. The systerm is cleaned by circulating this mixture over the system. We continuously monitor different parameters (for example pH levels) during the cleaning process. This is necessary to identify deterioration of materials in a timely manner and stop and neutralise the cleaning process.

The system will be redrained after the cleaning process has finished. The cleaning mixture including loose dirt/corrosion will be collected and disposed of. The mixture is processed as chemical waste at a recognised waste management company. You will receive a certificate once this has been taken care of. This certificate can be submitted to prove that the work has been carried out in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations.

We will inform you if the system needs long lasting protection against corrosion and deposits. A water treatment process can be the right solution. For example, oxygen absorbers and/or corrosion inhibitors

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